Random thoughts while on the go. Coming and going here and there, what does it matter… freedom that matters most, freedom from suffering of every kind, so I am going… without going…

Comments are off, ’cause life’s too short to waste on useless talk, since truth is one, but views are many….whatever… be happy! If you don’t agree that’s fine, if you find something useful from my blog then it is great and thank you for visiting. I will not get rich from talking, thus my opinions are not up for discussion.

My favorite teacher is Daehaeng KunSunim, I agree with everything she says, I also agree with everything Buddha said, (not sure they would agree with what I say).

I consider Daehaeng KunSunim teachings very precious, they are uttely clear and to the point, very contemporary and in exact accord with the Buddha’s teaching. In Korean, the original language, the teachings are even better.

Here is the link to the book on amazon. If you want to understand your mind, where it is and what the Buddha really taught before buddhism became a religion, then read it (and apply! to see it for yourself).